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  • How can I get tickets?
    Pre-Sale Tickets can be conveniently purchased online with any major credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover) by clicking on “Tickets” from our home page. Tickets MAY also be available at the gate the day of the event (provided the event is not SOLD OUT).
  • What kind of tickets are being sold?
    “General Admission” tickets & “VIP” tickets are being sold. "General Admission" tickets will get you admittance into the venue through the GA entrance line as well as to all of the vendors and entertainment around the Venue. "VIP" tickets get you admittance into the venue through a shorter VIP line as well as to all vendors and entertainment around the venue. It will also get you admittance onto the many elevated viewing decks, into the "running water" restrooms and you will be alowed into the meet & greet tent where some of the artists will be signing autograps and hanging out. You will also recive a commemorative lanyard and badge to take home as well as an event T-Shirt.
  • What’s the difference in the types of tickets?
    “General Admission” tickets – allow entrance into the venue for the entire day, with freedom of movement throughout all general admission areas around the stage, and throughout all vendor and food areas. “VIP” tickets – in addition to allowing everything the General Admission tickets allow, the VIP tickets also grant unlimited movement throughout the special VIP viewing areas, allow unlimited access to a special meet and greet area which will provide the opportunity to enjoy personal time with the bands where you are allowed to engage in taking selfies and getting autographs from and with the band members, and which also allows you the special privilege of taking advantage of any other SWAG each band chooses to offer. “All Access” tickets – in addition to allowing everything the VIP tickets allow, the All Access tickets grant Backstage access after the festival where you will be allowed to hang-out with the bands, and also grants you Entry into the AFTER PARTY with FREE snacks and drinks.
  • How large of an outdoor venue is The Parker's Plantation?
    The Parkers Plantation has a nice and cozy outdoor music venue with a viewing and listening area of approximately 65,000 sq. ft. able to accommodate around 9000 music-loving patrons. There are 2 large stages set up as well as many other amenities. Private Bookings are available at this venue. For more information please call 469-556-3475.
  • What kind of stage set up will there be?
    The Parker’s Plantation has gone to great lengths to put together an impressive theatrical show for our patrons. Not only is the music line up sure to keep you entertained but the sound and lighting is sure to knock your socks off. With over 100,000 watts of power and enough lighting to make the sun squint, we’re sure you’ll be amazed. We will have two stages set up for this event. So over 200,000 watts of powe will be enjoyed
  • Can I bring my own food & drinks?
    NO GLASS OF ANY KIND. Yes, you may bring your own food & drinks into the venue, provided you READ AND FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY and provided the $20 surcharge per ice chest or cooler that is collected at the gate. All food & drink must be packed in an ice chest or cooler. A $20 surcharge will be collected at the gate for each ice chest and cooler intended to be brought into the event. All food & drink will be the sole responsibility of the patron, and will stay in the ice chest and coolers until consumption. NO GLASS OF ANY KIND IS ALLOWED INTO THE VENUE. Any alcoholic beverage will be the sole responsibility of the patron who brought it into the venue. Anyone caught contributing alcohol to a minor will be arrested by the Denton County Sheriff’s Department. Please be kind and use the trash cans provided throughout the venue. NO ONE UNDER THE AGE OF 21 WILL BE ALOWED TO BE IN POSSESSION OF ALCOHOL AT ANT TIME.
  • What does BYOB mean?
    Patrons who are 21 years and older are allowed to bring their own alcoholic beverages as long as it is brought in an ice chest or cooler. A surcharge of $20 per ice chest and/or cooler must be paid prior to bringing it into the venue. NO GLASS OF ANY KIND WILL BE ALOWED IN THE VENUE. All patrons will be limited to one fifth bottle of alcohol or one 12 pack of beer per 21 year old customer. All alcohol must remain in the cooler or ice chest at all times until consumed. All alcohol is the sole responsibility of the patron who brought it in. Underage drinking WILL NOT be allowed. Any patron caught contributing to underage drinking will be arrested by the Denton County Sheriffs Department. NO ONE UNDER THE AGE OF 21 WILL BE ALLOWED TO POSSESS OF ALCOHOL AT ANT TIME.
  • Can I bring a backpack?
    We do allow backpacks to be brought in. All will be searched at entry and we ask that you keep it limited to one per group.
  • Can I bring lawn chairs & popup tents?
    We do not allow lawn chairs or popup tents to this event.
  • How is parking for the event?
    Parking is first come, first serve at the venue. There will be limited handicapped parking located close to the venue entrance. A golf cart will be available to assist those in need if the designated parking fills up (just notify any parking attendant). We will have parking attendants directing you through several parking lots. The lots are in fields so be prepared for inclement weather. Parking will be $10 (cash only or prepaid) per car and will be collected upon entering the gates. All parked cars must keep their paid stub displayed in front window. There will also be off site parking avalible in lots off the road just before the event venue. These lots will be opened when the venue lots are filled. These lots will have a $10 fee as well. They will have "Rehab event parking" signs with an attendant. DO NOT PARK IN ANY OTHER LOCATION OTHER THAN THE VENUE LOTS OR THE MARKED LOTS. YOU MAY BE TOWED AT YOUR EXPENSE.
  • What amenities will be available?
    We will have several food trucks serving hot and cold foods as well as a concession stand with typical festival food items: nachos, popcorn, candy, soft drinks, etc. Many picnic tables are placed near the vendor area. There will be some portable restrooms with running water, but mostly Port-A-Potties. We will have a medical station with local area EMTs on standby in case of emergencies. There will be water refill stations free of charge.
  • Will I be able to leave the venue and return?
    No one is alowed to re-enter the venue after leaving without paying for another ticket. All wristbands must stay on your wrist at all times or they will not be valid.
  • Can I use my phone or camera to record the show?
    Sorry, no form of recording is allowed. All rights are reserved to the venue and the music artists. Selfies and snapshots will be allowed on a limited basis at the discretion of our security team. We thank you in advance for your cooperation.
  • What do I do in case I have a medical emergency while I’m there?
    First call 911. We will have local EMTs stationed near the main entrance. You can also ask any of our team members wearing “Staff” or “Security” shirts to call for help. Those team members will not be allowed to medically assist you but they will get you to someone who is trained for your emergency. Please always stay hydrated. Free water fill up stations will be avalible.
  • Can I bring my pet?
    We love our little fury friends too. Unfortunately, due to space and the close proximity of others, we must ask that you leave them at home.
  • Can I “open” or “conceal” carry my weapon?
    Although we believe in all American’s constitutional rights as well as the 2nd Amendment to bear arms, due to this being an event involving a large crowd where the consumption of alcohol is permitted, we must limit the weapons carry to our highly trained security staff. All attendees are asked to lock their weapons away and out of sight in their vehicles or leave them at home. The ONLY exception to this will be our patrons who can show they are currently employed by a police agency AND who have their badge and ID with them.
  • Will I be searched upon entry?
    Yes, as your security is of great importance to us, all attendees will be subjected to several forms of security check. More specifically, upon entering the venue you will be directed to our security team where you will undergo a metal detection of your person, followed by a thorough search of all bags, ice chests, coolers, etc. which are being brought into the venue. While in the venue, and throughout the entire event, you agree to cooperate and submit to a subsequent search should a member of our security team deem it appropriate and or necessary. Failure to comply may be grounds for removal from the venue property.
  • What happens if it rains?
    Although we do our best not to cancel any event, providing safe entertainment is our priority and inclement weather conditions can sometimes cause the need for difficult decisions to be made regarding whether to allow a show to go on or whether to cancel a show in its entirety. Should the need for decisions such as these arise during AN EVENT ALREADY IN PROGRESS, said decisions will be made as soon as possible and then will be both announced at the event and posted to the event website homepage ( for all to see. This decision will be made by a highly trained indevidual who will be hired for weather safety. This persons decision will be final and is out of our control. Please check the event website first for any updates. NO REFUNDS will be given for events already in progress which must be shut down prior to completion. IN THE EVENT WE CANCEL AN EVENT PRIOR TO IT STARTING, EITHER A NEW RESCHEDULED DATE WILL BE ANNOUNCED ONLINE OR INSTRUCTIONS REGARDING REFUNDS WILL BE POSTED. Please check the event website homepage ( for all information and updates.
  • Will I be allowed to smoke?
    Yes, smoking will be allowed in the venue, EXCEPT in a designated area in front of the stage marked “no-smoking.” Please respect that we have designated that area a non-smoking area because of the close proximity of patrons to one another. We thank you in advance for your cooperation and your consideration of other patrons where smoking is concerned.
  • Will there be places to secure my personal items?
    No. There will not be any place to secure your things. We ask that you lock up things you don’t need with you in your car, and out of site or leave them at home. THE PARKER'S PLANTATION WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR LOST OR STOLEN ITEMS.
  • What kind of items should I leave at home?
    It is our desire that all our patrons be comfortable enough to enjoy a full day of great music. We realize that, in order for this to be possible, you may have specific items you need to bring with you. HOWEVER, there are certain items that should absolutely be left at home, such as but not limited to, all WEAPONS (including pocket knives and switchblades), ILLEGAL DRUGS, tents, canopies, items requiring an electrical plug, large oversized bags, and racially offensive materials. We thank you in advance for your cooperation with these items.
  • How do I use my online tickets?
    You can either print them out on paper and bring them to the check in station or you can pull them up on your smart phone. We can scan them both ways. Please have either one ready when you get up to the entry window.
  • What if I can’t find my online ticket email with the scanning barcode?
    Don’t worry if you’ve lost your email with the scanning barcode. We can still look up your ticket purchase under the name it was originally purchased. As long as the named person is present and has a picture ID and the tickets have not yet been redeemed, then we will be able to locate them and scan you in.
  • What if I pre-purchased tickets but I can’t make it?
    Unfortunately, all sales are final. If the event takes place there will be absolutely no refunds given for any reason.
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